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Great package to start with, if you are looking for structuring yout engineering material master database
Per Month / User


Automate the engineering lide cycle needs and generate and save 80% of engineers time
Per Month / User


Powered with gen AI for specfic search and afor creating smart engineering drawings
Per Month / User

Custom Deployment

If you are looking for customization on the features or limits.
S.NoPlanFreemium TeamEnterprise Custom Deployment
1Number of users per account 350UnlimitedCustom
2Material dashboard Custom
3Material create, revise & publish 501000UnlimitedCustom
4Advanced searchs for materials Custom
5Material short & long description generator Custom
6Material taxonomy repository Custom
7Document create, revise & publish50UnlimitedUnlimitedCustom
8Sequence number for document Custom
9Tags and categories Custom
10Configurable foldersCustom
11Sequence number repository Custom
12Supplier management dashboardCustom
13Supplier create, update20 nosUnlimitedUnlimitedCustom
14Approved supplier list Custom
15Page export to excelCustom
16Advance table filtersCustom
17Multi-level Bill Of Materials (BOM)Custom
18Import material, BOM from .CSVCustom
19BOM create, revise, duplicate, publish 3 nos100 nosUnlimitedCustom
20BOM technical datasheet Custom
21BOM manufacturing, labour, assembly costCustom
22BOM costing with multicurrency Custom
23BOM flat view, hierarchy tree viewCustom
24Drawing register, list, etcCustom
25Tag number, sequence number for BOMCustom
26Proposal dashboard Custom
27Proposal classification, documents 3 nos100 nosUnlimitedCustom
28Product dashboard Custom
29Product classification, documents, repository 3 nos100 nosUnlimitedCustom
30Project dashboard Custom
31Project classification, documents 3 nos100 nos UnlimitedCustom
32User access control for individual itemsCustom
33Technical submittal auto generation3 nos100 nos UnlimitedCustom
34Issue tracker 3 nos100 nos UnlimitedCustom
35Configurable checklists3 nos100 nos UnlimitedCustom
36Configurable input parameters table3 nos100 nos UnlimitedCustom
37Configurable datasheets3 nos100 nos UnlimitedCustom
38Configurable headers & footers3 nos100 nos UnlimitedCustom
39Equipment, valve, instrument list, etc3 nos Custom
40AI based search (Instant Search) 5 searchs100 searchs *200 searchs *Custom
412D Intelligent drawing packages (IEDRAW)3 nos 100 nos unlimitedCustom
42Advance export to excelCustomCustomCustomCustom
43Piping & Instrumentation (P&ID) templates 2 nos100 nos unlimitedCustom
44Process Flow Diagram (PFD) templates 2 nos100 nos unlimitedCustom
452D diagram metadata tagging 3 nos 100 nos unlimitedCustom
Technology Features
1Single Sign On (SSO)
2Role based access control
3SaaS model Custom
4View only license 3520Custom
Process Industry Feature Package **
1IEHUB material taxonomy standard (no one time cost)Custom
2CFIHOS material taxonomy standardCustom
3JIP 33 standard datasheet Custom
4ECCMA, ISO 8000 standard CustomCustomCustom Service
Building & Construction Package **
1IFC material taxonomy standardCustom
2ECCMA, ISO 8000 standard CustomCustomCustom
External Integration Package **
1Integrations with ERP or CRM CustomCustomCustom
Customer Support **
1Customer support service Within 5 daysWithin 2 dayswithin 8 hrswithin 8 hrs