A True cloud-based multitenant intelligent engineering platform.

Enable your engineering team with IEHUB.AI TM
and get control of engineering standards.

Reduce your engineering spendReduce your execution timeData is structuredTaxonomy is betterHandover to production is betterHandover to client is better

with IEHUB

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Start with inbuilt engineering standards
IEHUB comes with out of the box industry standard and globally recoginized libraries for material classifcation and for technical datasheets
Generate Request For Quote (RFQ) automatically
Through the unique simple approach autogenerate your Equipment List, Valve List, Instrument List and get standardized RPQ
Graphical image ISO and its key pillars
ERe-use, configure and customize Bill Of Materials (BOM)
With few clicks create multi-level Bill of Materials and re-use for multiple projects
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Minimize your legal liability exposure
With the configurable header and footer notes, your can protect your organization with defined terms and conditions on all your submittals to customer

Collaborate and synchronize with teams from multiple locations,
backed by enterprise-grade infrastructure

Mechanical Engineers

Update the technical details of mechanical components and have design, project teams synchronized with latest and greatest information

Electrical Engineers

Update the technical details of electrical components and have design, project teams synchronized with latest and greatest information

Product managers

Own the update to date product information and share with marketing, sales, or with comissining team

Interactions on your specific documents at
scale with Instant Search AI Feature

Instant Search

How to get specific answer for questions on the meeting within seconds ??

Share the documents

Get your documents shared with AI instantly

Deep dive with context

Probe with questions to deep dive with context and get the specifics

Interact with your documents at scale with AI Powered Instant Search

Instant search provides reliable responses backed with citations from your documents.

Get the best in class performance, security, regulatory compliance, backed by robust world class infrastructures

IEHUB uses cloud native technologies which can be scaled as your demand increases. Handle the growth with breeze, where your team can get access to the application within few minutes

True Multitenant architecture

Gain the technolgy advancement to grow your business

Global access with

Our edge structuring provide faster access across global locations

Enterprise grade infrastructure

Protect your data with the Enterprise grade infrastructure

Perform instant search for your confidential information

User Access

Enhancing security by ensuring only authorized access to sensitive data, thereby reducing breach risks. Improving compliance and governance by aligning with regulations and policies. Increasing efficiency and productivity by streamlining access rights to necessary resources.

Role Based Access Control

Use our pre-defined roles to get fine-grained control, offering a simple, manageable approach to access management that is less error-prone than individually assigning permissions. This can reduce, protect and ensure that employees can only perform actions they need to do their jobs.

Single Sign On (SSO)

SSO offers significant advantages in terms of security, user experience, administrative efficiency, productivity, compliance, scalability, and cost savings. These benefits make it a compelling choice for organizations looking to streamline their authentication processes and enhance overall security.

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