Reduce your proposal engineering time by more than 50% with IEHUB

The re-use of engineering functionality allows proposal, application engineers to make customization on existing engineering Bill Of Materials (BOM) and convert you multicurrency items for total costing in few clicks.

Proposals are fasterProposals are accurateCosting is betterSearching is betterGain pole positionP&ID is intelligentHandover to projects team is better

with IEHUB

Meet the heavy specified Oil and Gas Standards
Get access to ISO 8000 material taxonomy standards, CFIHOS, JIP33 and API standards and apply on your engineering needs. with the IEHUB repository build your custom standards and implement across globe in few clicks.
Building and Construction Industry
Tender or bidding always comes with tight schedule, and you can navigate the challenge of preventing overestimation or underestimation and take lead on your enquiry with accurate data.
EPC, System Integrators and OEM
Customize your standard product or project information in few mins and generate your high quality proposal within few mins.
Supplier role Process Industry

More than 80% of the components or items in the process industry is soruced, with IEHUB, maintining the supplier details and managing the suppler product details with latest information is easy.

Utlize the proposal features to manage your Pre-FEED (Front End Engineering), FEED, Propsoal Engineering to meet your customer needs efficiently.

Proposal Engineer

Proposal generation is multi-disciplinary process, and often proposal engineers are challenged with pulling the latest informations for the submittal and every wrong information will reduce your margin.


With IEDRAW standard title block templates, the development of intelligent Piping and Instrumentation diagram (P&ID) or Single Line Diagram (SLD) is much easier

CAD Library Manager

Every single component or item will have many CAD format from different CAD software Irrespective of the CAD format or CAD software, manage your CAD part models or Assembly models by linking

Interactions on your specific documents at
scale with Instant Search AI Feature

Instant Search

How to get specific answer for questions on the meeting within seconds ??

Share the documents

Get your documents shared with AI instantly

Deep dive with context

Proble with your questions over questions to deep dive with context and get the specifics

Interact with your documents at scale with AI Powered Instant Search

Instant search provides reliable responses backed with citations from your documents.

Effortless BOM Reusability and Customization to Maximize Efficiency, Save time

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, efficiency and adaptability are key. IEHUB’s robust Bill of Materials (BOM) management features empower you to effortlessly reuse and customize BOMs, ensuring your production processes are as streamlined and flexible as possible.

Shared Components

Easily reuse existing BOMs or specific sub-assemblies across different products. This feature is particularly beneficial for manufacturers with multiple product lines that share common parts.

Consistency and Standardization

Ensure consistency across your product offerings by reusing standardized BOM structures. This not only simplifies the production process but also enhances quality control and reduces errors.

Rapid Deployment

Quickly create new product BOMs by reusing and modifying existing ones, significantly reducing the time needed for BOM creation and approval.

Template BOMs

Save frequently used BOM structures as templates. These templates can be customized and reused for new projects, streamlining the setup process for new products.

Real-Time Synchronization

Benefit from real-time updates and synchronization. Any changes made to a BOM are instantly available to all users, reducing the risk of discrepancies and ensuring everyone works with the most current information.

Complex Multilevel BOM

Unrestricted Hierarchies: Does your project have more than 5000 components and are you struggling with existing popular BOM management tools to manage the complexity of the BOM hierarchy? With IEHUB it’s not an issue anymore! Complex multi-levels, levels up to 20 or 30 is easy to manage and its all simple in the cloud platform.

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