Standardize Checklist

Standardize description across locations

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Create highly-personalized experiences

Sync your real-time customer profiles from Segment to your data warehouse with Profiles Sync.

Enrich your profiles with data from your CRM, support, financial, and other customer systems in your data warehouse.

Build hyper-targeted audiences that go beyond behavior-based personalization and take into consideration the overall health and happiness of a customer. Then, activate them in all of your downstream destinations with Reverse ETL.

Sync data from your warehouse to all your destinations, instantly

Eliminate the need for manual CSV handling and custom Python data pipelines.

Seamlessly integrate customer profiles and crucial data from your warehouse into all your key business tools for advertising, marketing, sales, and more, automating customer engagement and personalizing experiences.

Connect to the leading cloud data warehouses

Sync Segment profiles to your cloud data warehouse of choice (BigQuery, Databricks, Redshift, Snowflake, and more) within minutes.

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